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Below are comments we received about the 2009 event.

From  Spectators: 


- This was the FIRST reenactment that my family and I had ever attended.Our kids(18 and 22) were very impressed AND educated by the experience.You have an  excellent facility there,and we thank you for allowing us to share such a wonderful and entertaining experience.Your website was also very well done,and if you are doing this again in 2010, we WILL be there. THANK YOU!


- Absolutely a wonderful event. This is the second time my family and I have enjoyed this event and we look forward to the next time.  I have a number of high quality photographs (including several panorama shots) and some HD video of the battle.



From  Participants:


- I have been doing this a long time and I thought the event was great. Federals and Confederates were of equal size and the battles were well planned. We had a great time and hope you will continue to host this event.


Thanks to Bost Grist Mill & the 30th NCT for a great event. Very much enjoyed the battles, camping and the honor of re-enacting with my pards from the Great North State. Beautiful property and area. Enjoyed visiting the mill. Hope to attend again. You made us feel welcome. And, thanks to the Preacher for a good Church service.


- I'm a first time reenactor, and (even with the heat) I had a terrific experience!  The Mill is a great location. I was impressed with the organization of the event and the quality of the reenactment.  Thanks to Bost Mill and the 30th NC for putting on a great event!