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Battle of Bost Grist Mill

September 10 & 11, 2011

Event Rules & Regulations

All rules and regulations are subject to clarification and interpretation by the event hosts whose decisions are final, and violators may be subject to expulsion from the site, individually or as a unit.

Unit Commanders are responsible for disseminating this information to their unit members.

Officers are expected to bring sufficient troops to justify their rank.

Rank above Captain is subject to the approval of the respective army commanders. No Battalion Commander will hold the rank above Colonel without event organizer approval.

Any brigade, battalion or unit commander directly disobeying the order of their respective overall commander will be subject to removal from the event.

Meetings called by event organizers and commanders will include all officers to review safety procedures and scenarios. These meetings are mandatory and must supercede any non-medical commitment on site.

Officers have a responsibility to know the medical condition of the men in their commands!

Reenactors with high blood pressure, epilepsy, kidney disease, a history of heart or respiratory ailments, asthma, or any other condition aggravated by heat and physical exertion are urged not to participate in the event scenarios.

All participants are expected to behave in a fashion that reflects well on themselves, their unit and their forebears. Rowdiness, abusive language and drunkenness will not be tolerated. Unit commanders are responsible for the conduct of their unit members.

Conspicuous consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs will result in immediate dismissal from the event site. Drunkenness and abusive or unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

No reenactor will allow any civilian or spectator to ride or sit on a horse during the event.

No fireworks allowed at any time either in camp or on the battlefield.

"Unscripted" or Spontaneous" battles are expressly forbidden. Units or individuals engaged in such activity will be removed from the site.

No live ammunition will be allowed at anytime.

Event host require that all participants sign a waiver of liability in order to participate. Minors must have written permission of a legal guardian.

Only participants who are qualified modern medical personnel will be allowed to render any type of first aid, except in an emergency situation. Event hosts will coordinate communications to locate and remove individuals promptly who require medical attention.

Unit colors must be full size and correctly constructed according to each army standards. Unit colors will be carried during battle scenarios only with the approval of event military staff.

No commercial reproduction (audio, visual, or otherwise) of the events various activities or scenarios may be made without the expressed written consent of the event organizers.

There will be no recruiting on the property by units attending the event without the permission of the event host.

Authorized Participants

All reenactors must register with a battalion affiliation clearly indicated on the registration application. Only by the approval of the event organizers will individual units be allowed to register without battalion affiliation.

No one under the age of 16 will carry or use a weapon of any type while in camp or on the field without permission of the event Provost Marshal. No one under the age of 14 will take the field unless he is a fully functional musician or other non-combatant approved by the provost marshal. No one under the age of 12 may take the field in any capacity.

Recruits should be properly drilled prior to the battles. Recruits should always be in the front ranks (infantry) whenever possible and surrounded by senior participants.

Women may portray combatants with the approval of their immediate commanders. Every reasonable effort must be made to disguise their gender.

Camp Rules

Any vehicle left in or near camp area after the allowed time will be towed.

The event hosts are not responsible for lost or stolen items or vehicles. Security will be offered on a "best efforts" basis in the parking area and camps. It is up to each army/battalion to patrol their own camp area.

No modern camping will be available on site. You may stay in your RV in the parking area, but no fires or fire pits will be allowed in the parking area. Also, no tent camping is allowed in the parking area. Hook ups for RV's will not be available.

Campaigner impressions and organizations are welcome, however you will be expected to function within the established military command structures. Again, you must establish an accepted battalion affiliation that is subject to approval by the event organizers.

Camping will be in designated areas only.

Bedding straw will be provided for purchase by the event host.

Firewood, water, and toilets will be on site. Locations will be shown on the camp map.

No flashlights, tape recorders, or Coleman lanterns are allowed to be in the open in any civilian or military camps.

No visible coolers will be allowed.

All civilian and military personnel will be in period dress for the duration of the event.

11:00pm Friday and Saturday will be the "all quiet" in the camps time.

Disturbances caused by rowdiness, drunkenness, or, any other activity will be dealt with by the designated camp provost at the direction, and request, of the event hosts.

Please collect trash at the end of the event and place at the head of the company street in one location for pick up.

Fire Regulations

 No fire pits for fires will be permitted in the sutler area.

All fires pits must be dug out, or rock lined, or earth ring pits.

All fire pits must be constructed in the open with a 10 foot diameter safety area around the pit.

All fires must be attended at all times and will have bucket of water nearby.

On Sunday use water and dirt to extinguish the fire completely.

Remove all glass, metal and garbage from the fire and place with trash.

Replace earthen sod to near original condition.


Battle Scenarios

All canteens must be full prior to battle scenarios.

No unscripted hand to hand will occur.

No rifles will have bayonets in the fixed position during the battle scenarios.

Any overly aggressive "hand to hand" saber fighting is forbidden.

No "flag-grabbing" will occur unless it is agreed to in advance and approved by battalion commanders.

Female nurses will not be permitted on the battlefield during the scripted scenarios unless the need arises to assist medical personnel upon their request.

No cameras or electronic video equipment will be carried or used on the battlefield during the engagement.

During medical emergencies when crews and equipment are on the field, all fighting must stop until the emergency has ended.


 Weapons Rules

No reenactor will allow any civilian or spectator to handle or fire a loaded weapon during the weekend.

Weapons will not be discharged in camp and only fired in the designated areas under the command of the NCO's or Company Officers. Recruits should be instructed by the NCO's in drill, and as to loading and firings in battle conditions.

Only 3-band muskets allowed for infantry.

Cartridges for muskets should not exceed 80 grains of powder. No double loads or more should be intentionally fired during the battle.

Ammunition will be carried as pre rolled cartridges only. No penny wrappers, staples, tape, wax, aluminum foil should be used for musket cartridges. No "Wonder-Wads" for pistols.

No "wadding" is to be rammed after powder is poured.

Ramrods will not be used during any scenario. Ramrods may be carried onto the field and used during inspection and for Living History demonstrations only.

Firing of weapons shall be elevated when at close ranges. In no case will direct fire take place inside 20 yards distance between opposing for

Uniform Regulations

All bayonet scabbards should have a metal tip securely fastened or tightly closed and sewn leather.

Modern eyeglasses will not be tolerated on the battlefield. Those needing period eyewear should make the needed arrangements prior to the event to acquire same.

All uniforms should be constructed of natural fiber materials. Uniforms should also be of a proper design or style.

Shoes and boots must be of the proper construction. Jefferson boots, brogans, and period cut boots are highly recommended. Modern military combat boots, desert boots, cowboy, or work boots will not be allowed.

No bare, cloth wrapped feet impressions, all reenactors will wear shoes of an acceptable fashion.

All reenactors, military and civilian, will remain in period clothing during the event.

Wristwatches and incorrect jewelry will not be worn.


Infantry Regulations

Only Officers and NCO's will be allowed to carry and use side arms. All Officers may carry and use swords according to their battalions instructions.

Infantry participants should bring ample rolled cartridges for the events scenarios.

Bayonets must remain sheathed during the battle scenarios.

Cavalry Regulations

All participants bringing horses and/or mules to the event will be required to present upon arrival a valid Coggins test (within 1 year). Papers must be verified only through inspectors designated by the event coordinators. Horses and/or mules arriving without proper paperwork will not be allowed on the premises.

Cavalry troops are under the direct command of their respective army commanders.

No horses will be ridden through camps or sutlers areas at any time during the event. Riders are asked to be particularly careful around the large number of spectators expected for this event.

Cavalry will utilize authentic reproduction carbines, revolvers, and sabers.

All horses/mules will be properly groomed and shod.

Horsemen will maintain control of their animals at all times.

Horsemen will bring their own food

Horse tack will be the appropriate style and construction of that period.

Picket lines will be properly placed and monitored


 Artillery Regulations

 Artillery troops are under the direct command of their respective army commanders.

Edit date 11/30/2009

* Rules are subjest to change without notice at anytime before the event.